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About Us

Sexy, classic, and full of confidence!

The ELISABETTA FRANCHI brand is a classic of Italian haute couture. The tailoring is superb, the style is as classic as it is sexy, and the sense of femininity is all-encompassing. It is difficult to miss an ELISABETTA FRANCHI original in the room, but it is far from vulgar. Italian design has always been known for its flattering tailoring and its profound understanding of the human body, female or male, and here too this characteristic is very prominent. The brand is considered one of the most successful in Italy with reported revenues of over 120 million euros per year, participating in the international fashion week in Milan and is especially loved by Hollywood stars of the feminine-classic-sexy genre, such as Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lopez, and other glamorous celebs.

Eleganza. Embracing the elegance of Italian haute couture

In addition, you can find in the Eleganza collection a variety of belts, bags, necklaces of different lengths, and matching earrings – impressive accessories that are almost impossible to ignore, combined with various elements that bring the collection together.


Born in Bologna, grew up in a family with lots of kids and not much money, but with a strong passion for fashion. Her childhood was full of simplicity, with only one doll that she dressed up over and over again while dreaming of making it big in fashion. ELISABETTA FRANCHI  later focused on the study of fashion, supporting herself as a shop assistant helping her deepen her knowledge of the female form, as well as the tastes and needs of her future customers. This knowledge later would become the secret of her professional success.

The woman power behind Eleganza

The Abu Elneaj sisters weren’t born on a fashion-oriented path either: Nahi studied for a master’s degree in business administration and Aya studied for a bachelor’s degree in behavioral sciences.

They married and had children. Nahi joined the family business in the north, in the metal industry, but their passion for fashion never faded. Three times a week Aya, then a young mother, traveled to Ramat Gan, for styling classes at Shankar. After Nahi also devoted herself to the fashion bug, the two opened a small fashion boutique on the main street of Nazareth, which became a pilgrimage center for residents of the north who love fashion and brands. ELISABETTA FRANCHI was one of the imported brands they began selling, and after extensive negotiations with the Italian fashion house, they won the international franchise in Israel.

Eleganza. Empowering femininity and self-confidence in style

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